Thackery Brown, Ph.D.

Thackery received his Ph.D. in Psychology from Boston University under the mentorship of Dr. Chantal Stern, and completed his postdoctoral training at Stanford University with Dr. Anthony Wagner. He is an Assistant Professor in the School of Psychology at Georgia Institute of Technology, a member of the Center for Advanced Brain Imaging (CABI) and Georgia Tech Neuroscience, and a Network Scholar of The MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Law and Neuroscience.




Post-doctoral Fellows

Qiliang He, Ph.D.

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Graduate Students

Jancy Liu, M.S.

Doctoral Candidate in Economics (Economics)

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Paulina Maxim, B.S.

Doctoral Candidate in Cognition and Brain Science (Psychology)

  • paulina.maxim at

Yiren Ren, M.S.

Master’s thesis: Cross-modal schema effect of music pairing on shape sequence acquisition

Doctoral Candidate in Cognition and Brain Science (Psychology)

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Research Assistants

Rida Ahmed – Psychology

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Zoe Altizer – Neuroscience

  • zaltizer at

Elizabeth Beveridge – Neuroscience

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Katie Davis – Architecture

  • kdavis322 at

Sydney DeFelice – Neuroscience

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Jyotleen DeWal – Neuroscience

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Megan Kemp – Psychology

  • mkemp at

Julia Milner – Neuroscience @ St. Mary’s College of MD

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Kelsey Mo – Psychology

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Rishi Nair – Neuroscience

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Lucy Niu – Neuroscience

  • lniu9 at

Felipe Oliveira – Neuroscience

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Avery Pope – Neuroscience

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Ashley Salen – Psychology

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Sharnitha Sudhaher – Neuroscience

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Kevin Thompson – Neuroscience

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Lane Vacala – Biological Sciences

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Vanessa Vargas – Neuroscience

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Featured Image

Some of the crew – Fall 2021

Lab Alumni

Sarah Redmond – Neuroscience

Sharon Flores – Neuroscience

Kayla Collins – Psychology

Lou Eschapasse – Neuroscience

Sarah Ogletree – Psychology

Anna Zagora – Neuroscience

Molina Zhang – Emory U: Neuroscience

Victoria Pfennig – Neuroscience

Rhea Nichani – Neuroscience

Senior Thesis: The Role Gender Plays in Spatial Navigation and Recall Ability

Rahul Thimmugari – Neuroscience

Senior Thesis: Gamma-frequency entrainment audiovisual 40 Hz fljcker

Maddy Hammond – Neuroscience

Derek Matthews – Biomedical Engineering

Jon Starnes, M.A.

Sarah Freeman – Neuroscience

Senior Thesis: Stress effects on the ability to learn statistical regularities about our world

Sai Nakirikanti – Neuroscience

Senior Thesis: The Role of Basal Forebrain  Degeneration and Cortisol as Biomarkers Mediating Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology: A Machine Learning Approach

Tal Ben-Yishai – Neuroscience

Senior Thesis: Characteristic Neural Firing Profiles in Different Hippocampal Subfields for Successful and Unsuccessful Memory

Andrew Han – Computer Science

Senior Thesis: The Effects of Boundary Manipulations on Navigational Abilities

Tanya Churaman – Computer Science

Senior Thesis: How Cognitive Load Difficulty Affects Cognitive Mapping and Individual Differences in Navigation

Deepika Pahari – Biochemistry

Samar Abdelmageed – Psychology

Brandon Cho – Northwestern U: Neuroscience

Sarah Goodroe – Psychology

Senior Thesis: Which Navigation Strategy is Best?  The Importance of Spatial Strategy in a Landmark-free Environment is Moderated by Sense of Direction and Prior Learning