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New lab paper and computational model of memory integration in decision-making

Congratulations to Qiliang, Jancy, Elizabeth, Lou, and Vanesa for this important paper!


New lab paper on overlapping memory retrieval in the hippocampus

Congratulations to Qiliang and Jon for recognition of their effort in Hippocampus!

Congratulations to multiple members!

Congratulations to Elizabeth Beveridge, for receiving a SECOND President’s Undergraduate Research Award

Congratulations to Paulina Maxim for receiving a DACC Travel Award to share her work on cognitive aging this coming Spring

And a congratulations to our former student, Sarah Goodroe, for defending her Ph.D. with Hugo Spiers at UCL! She will be joining Russell Epstein’s laboratory as a post-doc this coming year

New lab article from Paulina Maxim in Topics in Cognitive Science

Congratulations to Paulina on her first first-author paper!

Congratulations Qiliang for being awarded a Warren Alpert Foundation Distinguished Scholars Fellowship!

Dr. He was selected for this prestigious award through a two-tier competition, as Georgia Tech’s sole allowable nominee to the external competition

New lab article from He, Beveridge, Starnes, and Goodroe in Cognition

Congrats Elizabeth Beveridge on being a PURA recipient!

Another well-deserved award for our amazing undergrads

New lab article from He, Han, and Churaman in JEP: General!

Congrats to our team!

Congrats Rhea Nichani on her PURA!

Congratulations to Rhea Nichani for becoming our latest RA to receive a President’s Undergraduate Research Award!

Welcome Fall 2018 team!

As we set off on our second year, a big welcome to our new doctoral students, Paulina Maxim and Yiren Ren. A big welcome to our visiting Master’s student Jancy Liu as well, and the many incredible undergraduate students from around the GT community

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